Tools for Long Hair Bonding

Salon Steamer

Topper Display

Double Hooks for Toppers

Salon Capes

Tint Bottles

Cellucotton Roll

Measuring Tape

Spray Bottle for Alcohol

Glass Bottles for Remover

Blue Tray Liners

Bouffant Caps

Adhesive Brushes

Storage Bins

Cavilon Barrier Film

Nit Comb (for Removal)

4×4 Squares

White Barber Pencil

Black Barber Pencil

Ultrahold Adhesive

Ultrahold Tape

Ultra-Safe Adhesive Remover

White Drape for Client

Skin Tape for Systems

Exfoliating Scalp Treatment

Disposable Gloves

Foil for Lining Bowls

Ghost Bond Wig Glue

No Sweat Scalp Antiperspirant

Tools for Alterations

Invisible Thread for Alterations

Needles for Alterations

Nail Polish for Alterations

Adhesive for Alterations

Personal Care Products for Those Experiencing Hair Loss

Satin Pillow Case

Towel Turban

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